Month: January 2015

The dumbest question ever asked . . .

imagesThe irony of the (infamous) Time magazine cover way back in 1966 that posted the [truly] dumbest question ever asked, “Is God Dead?,” is that the secular world that imagined such a question does not exist, for God is present in every sphere of reality, sovereign over, and sustaining, every atom. Rather, the “secular” world is dead, since it never truly existed.

This sentiment is expressed well by Richard Lints: “The modern church would be well served by a reminder that the secular character of modern life is a modern invention and a modern heresy.”[1]

[1] Lints, The Fabric of Theology, p. 101.


Christ restores all . . .

“Christ restores all things and all relationships. In terms of our macro-typology, Christ is the antitype of every aspect of reality: nothing exists outside this relationship. Everything the Bible deals with comes within this relationship. To put it another way, the incarnate God-man is the representative embodiment of every aspect of reality in perfect relationships. What God has done in Jesus is made to involve us as we are related to Jesus by faith and, by involving us, has ultimate implications for the whole of creation (Romans 8:19-23).” Graeme Goldsworthy, Christ-Centered Biblical Theology, p. 224.