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Lessons in Economics from the Bible: labor and profit


“In all labor there is profit.
But mere talk leads only to poverty. 
Proverbs 14:23

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ludwig-von-misess-quotes-3“No intelligent man could fail to recognize that what the socialists, communists and planners were aiming at was the most radical abolition of the individuals’ freedom and the establishment of government omnipotence. Yet the immense majority of the socialist intellectuals were convinced that in fighting for socialism they were fighting for freedom. They called themselves left-wingers and democrats, and nowadays they are even claiming for themselves the epithet ‘liberal.’
Ludwig von Mises, The Anti-capitalistic Mentality, p. 61

It is quite sad to see the philosophically confused universe of many of our elected politicians:  they often stand conflicted between the many ideologies and attitudes they were raised by: Liberation theology; “black” theology; anti-colonialism; anti-Americanism; generalized anger and hatred; Communism/Socialism underlying the paganism and communalism of the drugs, sex, and alcohol culture of the hippies and the (covertly) radicalized in our contemporary political parties; anarchism; and the empty theological liberalism of the many churches bereft of belief.  This is the short list of ideologies plaguing our generation. Of course, one of the bitter ironies sometimes noted, is that so many who follow such delusions for identity, and to bring about “change” [read “radical disruption of the market and redistribution of wealth”], actually are children of great privilege, as in the case of our present President [though he never knew poverty, but great privilege. he often plays the poverty/oppressed card]. Apparently, the central truth is that such confused radicalized individuals do not see that their privileged lives are the real fruit of our democratic society and market economy. It has been the market economy that gives these children of privilege the freedom and resources to seek the very destruction of the very tree that blessed them with bounty and freedom.

In truth, though, none of this confusion can be resolved without an eternal [God’s] perspective on life and this world. Nevertheless, ideologies of identity and Utopian radicalism will continue to capture peoples’ fanciful and deluded imaginations, because they embrace the religious components of these dreams that promise them a personal identity, purpose, cause, reason to be, significance, and “redemption.” In fact, redemption cannot come from what is finite and human, not even can one’s identity come from what is finite, whether cultural or ethnic; no money, no class, no genetics, sexual/social relations, and certainly not one’s skin color. In the eternal perspective of the gospel, it is that only in the One God who is infinite and eternal that we finite creatures can find our integration point, our identity, our reason for being. There is nothing finite that is sufficient to provide any of these, therefore all of the ideologies noted above falsely promise what they will never be able to deliver. It is within that context also that we must come to understand economics, and the absolute necessity of private property in a free market governed by sound ethics and moral law. What we need is redemption, not revolution nor plunder from our neighbors’ stores, homes, and property. This is impressed upon with me renewed force this week during the Baltimore riots and plundering in the city, but also by reflecting on the government policies increasingly expanding the dystopian realities of those seeking to build their utopian fantasies at our expense and at the expense of freedom and prosperity for our children.

Vital Lessons in Economics [for Baltimore] from Ludwig Von Mises: # 5

MisesPoster“People may disagree on the question of whether everybody ought to study economics seriously. But one thing is certain. A man who publicly talks or writes about the opposition between capitalism and socialism without having fully familiarized himself with all that economics has to say about these issues is an irresponsible babbler.” Ludwig von Mises, The Anti-capitalistic Mentality, p. 34.

“It is not the fault of the capitalists that the Asiatics and Africans did not adopt those ideologies and policies which would have made the evolution of autochthonous capitalism possible. Neither is it the fault of the capitalists that the policies of these nations thwarted the attempts of foreign investors to give them ‘the benefits of more machine production.’ No one contests that what makes hundreds of millions in Asia and Africa destitute is that they cling to primitive methods of production and miss the benefits which the employment of better tools and up-to-date technological designs could bestow upon them. But there is only one means to relieve their distress—namely, the full adoption of laissez- faire capitalism. What they need is private enterprise and the accumulation of new capital, capitalists and entrepreneurs. It is nonsensical to blame capitalism and the capitalistic nations of the West for the plight the backward peoples have brought upon themselves. The remedy indicated is not ‘justice’ but the substitution of sound, i.e., laissez-faire, policies for unsound policies.” Ludwig von Mises, The Anti-capitalistic Mentality, p. 55

The top ten worst liberal journalist tweets about the baltimore riots

Protests in Baltimore After Funeral Held For Baltimore Man Who Died While In Police Custody

At this link above there are some good examples (from the Daily Caller) of what I referred to on FB about news anchors saying such stupid things like “I do not approve of the violence, but . . .” [fill in the blanks with idiotic things like “it is understandable” or “all this pent-up anger results from copcarselfietheir disadvantages and oppression.”]

There are many pictures of guys smashing cars in order to get their I-Phone “selfies” with them.
But, I do not get the common crotch-holding gesture. It must be some deep political statement . . .


mises_free[It seems apropos to include two today, in light of the Baltimore plundering this week]

“Nobody is needy in the market economy because of the fact that some people are rich. The riches of the rich are not the cause of the poverty of anybody. The process that makes some people rich is, on the contrary, the corollary of the process that improves many peoples’ want satisfaction. The entrepreneurs, the capitalists and the technologists prosper as far as they succeed in best supplying the consumers.” Ludwig von Mises, The Anti-capitalistic Mentality, p.32

“However, people do not ask for socialism because they know that socialism will improve their conditions, and they do not reject capitalism because they know that it is a system prejudicial to their interests. They are socialists because they believe that socialism will improve their conditions, and they hate capitalism because they believe that it harms them. They are socialists because they are blinded by envy and ignorance. They stubbornly refuse to study economics and spurn the economists’ devastating critique of the socialist plans because, in their eyes, economics, being an abstract theory, is simply nonsense. They pretend to trust only in experience. But they no less stubbornly refuse to take cognizance of the undeniable facts of experience, viz., that the common man’s standard of living is incomparably higher in capitalistic America than in the socialist paradise of the Soviets.” Ludwig von Mises, The Anti-capitalistic Mentality, 34.

By chance I happened to notice . . .

DSC00699 DSC00704By chance
I woke up this morning
by chance
to behold a splendor outside
our bedroom window that
by chance
the petals of the Magnolia were in
the chance
extravagance of full bloom
and chance had it that my Sony A58 20.5 megapixel camera
that by chance design has the chance ability to do the work of its chance genius of capturing
by chance the chance brilliance of the chance design and wonder of the chance million petals blazing in a chance wind across the chance pond of chance goldfish who by chance happened to notice . . .

DSC00756 DSC00757
DSC00760 DSC00761 DSC00763DSC00776


ludwig-von-misess-quotes-4“The characteristic feature of the market economy is the fact that it allots the greater part of the improvements brought about by the endeavors of the three progressive classes—those saving, those investing the capital goods and those elaborating new methods for the employment of capital goods—to the nonprogressive majority of people. Capital accumulation exceeding the increase in population raises, on the one hand, the marginal productivity of labor and, on the other hand, cheapens the products. The market process provides the common man with the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of other peoples’ achievements. It forces the three progressive classes to serve the nonprogressive majority in the best possible way.”

Ludwig von Mises, The Anti-capitalistic Mentality, p. 30

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