scan0005(picture)A long-time-past in England as an “extra” in the movie “The Madness of King George . . .”

I am presently the Academic Dean and Professor of Biblical Studies at Faith Theological Seminary. As Dean, I have been the Director of the Self-Study for accreditation. FTS has now achieved Candidacy for Accreditation, FASFA funding, SEVP international Student Visa authorization, and is in the process of gaining Maryland Higher Education Commission Approval.

As a Biblical Studies professor, I have taught a full assortment of OT and NT courses with an emphasis on the Old Testament in all of them, as well as Biblical Hermeneutics, Biblical Theology, Biblical Ethics, and Logic and Rhetoric. It has also been a joy to have been given opportunities to teach abroad in various capacities in China, Korea, Ukraine, England, Israel, and South Africa.

My academic and ministry interests include a commitment to interdisciplinary work (NT, literary, historical, and philosophical) with ongoing interest in systematics, hermeneutics, and apologetics.  My emphasis in teaching the scripture is biblical-theological, the ideal of which is to exegete the OT/NT in such a way that God’s redemptive purposes and work in preparing for his new creation through Christ is the focus. My objective is to stay as close to the primary sources as possible, while drawing on relevant materials, such as from A.N.E. backgrounds. This emphasis on the importance of the canonical, literary text is one that I attempt to express throughout my teaching, while also hoping to communicate to students my excitement for, and love of, the written text. I encourage students to develop careful redemptive-historical hermeneutics (as well as skills to evaluate other methods), to value the study of the biblical languages and rigorous exegesis of the text, and to be as theologically equipped as possible for the work of building up the church in its commission to proclaim the Gospel of Christ to our generation.Tolife


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