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Biblical Archaeology at Faith Seminary

ABR scarabWe had a great series of presentations by the ASSOCIATES FOR BIBLICAL RESEARCH ( at an all day seminar (on Biblical Archaeology and Apologetics) this past Saturday, March 1.

Thanks to all the students and staff who contributed in time and resources to make this a success.

(left image) 5th century BC scarab that was found on ABR’s last dig day at Ai in May is listed on Christianity Today’s website as the number one find in Biblical Archaeology in 2013 (off-site link).


Bible, Archaeology, and Apologetics Seminar at Faith Seminary

To all friends of Faith Theological Seminary, ALL ARE WELCOME (AND IT IS FREE)
This is a reminder of an event at Faith Theological Seminary this coming Saturday:

The Bible, Archaeology, and Apologetics Seminar

ImageThe biannual seminar at FTS this semester is on the exciting subject of very recent biblical archaeological digs and discoveries in Israel. It is open to all and free (donations will be accepted), and is required for all FTS students. It will be presented by the staff of Associates for Biblical Research (ABR). It will include recent explorations related to Noah’s ark, the ancient city of Shiloh and the ark of the covenant, new evidence about the location of Ai and the date of the Israelite wanderings and the conquest, and more…

Date and Time:
March 1, 2014, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Faith Theological Seminary
529 Walker Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21212