“The Vampire” FidoTheCastro has finally faded, but not “his enormous impact”

The true legacy of Marxism is that people dance in the streets when its dictators die, while at the same time its other defeated presidential candidates cause riots in the streets. The truly incredible possibility is that the Clinton/Obama/Sanders/Marx Tribunal for Tyranny cannot actually see the reality of fifty years of Castro’s megalomaniacal reign of tyranny. Indeed, properly stated, this is not-credible, since it is evident to anyone who can see, hear, and understand the facts easily found in free America, of countless political prisoners and deaths, national control of everything in the economy and education that created dire poverty and degradation of human life for all except for those in power.

“The viper” struck at the very life-blood of his own people, exiling nearly a million of them, while at the same time gaining praise from Americans who seem(ed) blind to the horrors. It can really only mean that these American Mercedes-Marxists actually want the same for us, or in the least to reduce America to a powerless player in the world. We can only wonder about their motives, but we do see the realities of their ideologies all around us, and especially in the city-plantations of dependency and poverty and brokenness.

And yet, the praise continues from many corners: The Communist Party, according to The Daily News, says that “Cuban citizens can ‘pay homage and sign the solemn oath of fulfilling the concept of revolution as an expression of the will to continue Castro’s ideas and our socialism,’ the Cuban Communist Party announced” (The Daily News). Unwilling to state the truth about this tyrant, our own President Obama, said in his classic crypto legalese: “History will record and judge the enormous impact of this singular figure on the people and world around him.” Though God of course is this man’s judge, not “history”, can we not at least quite easily judge this wicked man’s ideologies and actions?


Christian Responsibility Towards the World: Withdrawal or Involvement?

_DSC0430Oftentimes, I have been blindsided by attitudes in the Christian community that react to Christian efforts to seek justice, or to right wrongs in this world; it is an attitude opposed to those who work for righteousness and truth and love in the various avenues of social, political, educational, artistic, medical, and economic concerns of people in the world. On one hand, it may be from an understandable fear of diluting the gospel of Jesus to a “social gospel,” and on the other hand from a culturally separatist (otherworldly) attitude that believes we are only supposed to “preach the gospel” and get people on the bus to heaven. In both cases, I think there is a failure to understand the nature of the gospel-promise along with the gospel-responsibility: the promise of a new creation shows God’s love for his creation, that Christ is presently Lord of every atom, every grain of sand, and every galaxy in his creation, and that he is going to restore his entire creation at his return. Thus, all our activities and responsibilities in this world have spiritual significance; we are not just preparing people to get on and off the bus! We are to make disciples (of all the nations); that is, people who live in this world as the light and salt of this world, bearing good and lasting fruit, preparing us to live on the earth renewed forever. There is no such dichotomy between do we “preach” the gospel and/or rescue people from trafficking/slavery, brutality, or injustice in the courts . . . , etc. Rather, the gospel rescues us from both spiritual darkness and the darkness of human injustice and cruelty. Christ is deeply concerned with both the salvation of the soul and the body, he redeems the whole person within the entirety of his creation. “God so loved the cosmos . . .” (Jn 3.16). As Paul tells us, “The whole creation groans in travail . . .” and yet, “the creation itself will be liberated from its bondage to decay and brought into the freedom and glory of the children of God” (Rom 8.21-22).

In regards to this question of the relationship of Christ to the world, Christ and culture, John Stott summarizes most beautifully and profoundly the confusing tendencies in the Christian community to “withdraw from the world,” in what he calls various forms of modern Pharisaism.

CHRIST THE CONTROVERSIALIST. Responsibility: Withdrawal or Involvement? John Stott, IVP, pp. 182-188. To read the whole selection go to Stott, John.CHRIST THE CONTROVERSIALIST.
Christ’s fraternization with outcasts was interpreted by the Pharisees as an inexcusable compromise with sin; they did not see it for what it really was, an expression of the divine compassion towards sinners.

The attitude of Christian church
Leaving the first century and entering the middle of the twentieth, it is necessary to ask what the attitude of the contemporary church is towards outsiders, outcasts. Is it Pharisaic, or is it Christian? I fear that it is often Pharisaic. That is, the church tends (has always tended) to withdraw from the world and leave it to its own devices. Evangelical churchmen have by no means been free of this tendency, although indeed it is a denial of their true character. Many examples could be given, illustrating different causes of the same general attitude. Let me try to enlarge on what I think are the four commonest.

  1. “plain, unvarnished, Pharisaic self-righteousness”
  2. “the withdrawal of the church from the world is a genuine if mistaken fear of contamination”(a monastic type of self-absorbed isolationism)
  3. an unbalanced understanding of the relation between evangelism and social concern that can go in to both extremes: “The ‘evangelical’ thesis in its extremist form is that God’s chief concern is the salvation of individual souls; that the church’s sole responsibility is the proclamation of the gospel; and that therefore social action being the first cousin of the ‘social gospel’ must be firmly eschewed.”
  4. that “we stand aloof from the world is plain laziness and selfishness. We do not want to get involved in its hurt or dirt”

“Underlying these four causes of withdrawal there lurks a false view of God. The God revealed by Jesus Christ is a God who cares. He loves people who do not deserve to be loved. He makes His sun rise on the evil as well as the good, and sends rain on the unjust as well as the just. He made us body-souls and cares for us as body-souls. And He has taken action — sacrificial action — to supply a remedy for our sin. He has got Himself deeply involved in our predicament. So Jesus Christ Himself did not remain aloof, or refuse to get involved, or hide away in the safe immunity of heaven. He entered our world. He assumed our nature. He identified Himself our humanity. He exposed Himself to our temptations, sorrows and pains. He made friends with outcasts and was nicknamed ‘a friend of tax collectors and sinners’?13 He humbled Himself to serve people in their need. He washed His disciples’ feet. He never drew back from any demanding situation.”

To read the whole selection go to Stott, John.CHRIST THE CONTROVERSIALIST

The top ten worst liberal journalist tweets about the baltimore riots

Protests in Baltimore After Funeral Held For Baltimore Man Who Died While In Police Custodyhttp://dailycaller.com/2015/04/28/the-top-10-worst-liberal-journalist-tweets-about-the-baltimore-riots/

At this link above there are some good examples (from the Daily Caller) of what I referred to on FB about news anchors saying such stupid things like “I do not approve of the violence, but . . .” [fill in the blanks with idiotic things like “it is understandable” or “all this pent-up anger results from copcarselfietheir disadvantages and oppression.”]

There are many pictures of guys smashing cars in order to get their I-Phone “selfies” with them.
But, I do not get the common crotch-holding gesture. It must be some deep political statement . . .