Photography and Heaven and Hell

“The best of life on Earth is a glimpse of Heaven; the worst of life is a glimpse of Hell. For Christians, this present life is the closest they will come to Hell. For unbelievers, it is the closest they will come to Heaven.”
Randy Alcorn, Heaven, p. 28.

One of the reasons I love photography is to capture the beauty of this world that is preparing us for its approaching renewal.
Loch Raven Reservoir near home recently at sunset.

DSC00970 DSC00991 DSC00994 DSC00998 DSC01005


By chance I happened to notice . . .

DSC00699 DSC00704By chance
I woke up this morning
by chance
to behold a splendor outside
our bedroom window that
by chance
the petals of the Magnolia were in
the chance
extravagance of full bloom
and chance had it that my Sony A58 20.5 megapixel camera
that by chance design has the chance ability to do the work of its chance genius of capturing
by chance the chance brilliance of the chance design and wonder of the chance million petals blazing in a chance wind across the chance pond of chance goldfish who by chance happened to notice . . .

DSC00756 DSC00757
DSC00760 DSC00761 DSC00763DSC00776