The Double-Speak Lexicon of Empress Hillary and Deposed Billary


  • “investment”: Socialization (state ownership of the means of production and total-taxation) of as much of the economic infrastructure as possible, so as to limit private investment in the economy by (evil)Capitalists on Wall Street (though we still like their contributions to our coffers).
  • “jobs”: government socialization of as much labor as possible to “create” jobs through aggressive taxation of those already working.
  • “lower taxes”: raise all taxes
  • “corporate America”: the (evil)people from whom we must siphon as much money as possible, while at the same time condemning (wicked)“Wall Street” (in order to get the Anarchists’ vote), though many there willingly funnel large piles of cash into our (benevolent)expense accounts.
  • “universal health care”: assured, progressive bankruptcy of the U.S. Treasury (and the impoverished middle class tax-payers) to create the maximum tax-payer dependence on the government through Socializing of the economy, while decreasing the quality of health care for everyone, by forcing every American to buy a (benevolent)product that they do not want, and then punishing them (with our kindly beneficence of great wisdom in our subjects’ care) through a hefty fine for refusing to purchase it.
  • “Social-security”: same as above. Eventual, complete Socialization of personal finances for all. Security is found through greater impoverishment and lessened anxiety about managing one’s own finances through the kindly wisdom of our Great Mother.
  • “Free college”: (evil)wealthy people will pay to continue public high-school indoctrination and “socialization” (of all the miscreants that high-school failed to socialize), to further impoverish the middle class and assure the decline of quality in education for their children, since we must assure the decline of (Evil) “American Exceptionalism.”
  • liberation” and “freedom: personal, moral, spiritual freedom from all traditional (especially mean Judeo-Christian religious) constraints so as to encourage Islamic Jihadists on our shores to increase the chaos of social anarchy, in order to secure total(itarian) control by our benevolent Empress. This should include the greatest degree possible of enslavement to government funding, including governance of proper bathroom use, and propitious fines for all who transgress the language laws controlling speech (and incorrect thought) and the new definitions of “family,” “marriage,” male” and “female,” “men’s room” and “ladies’ room,” and “sin.”
  • “marriage, family, and children”: total moral freedom for absolute sexual liberation, to eliminate all “traditional” marital boundaries, having redefined “male” and “female.” This must include death-on-demand for all unwanted pre-born babies, even into late-terms for “problematic” pregnancies. No government should have the power to stop free men and women from killing these unborn folk.
  • “Supreme Court”: the supreme means to redefine reality for my subjects. Appoint sufficiently compliant truth-managers.
  • “Democracy”: an imperial Empress ruling over the world and her deposed Emperor who inhabit a Pent-house on Pennsylvania Avenue. There is no need to re-count the vote.
  • “national security”: use unsecured servers for top-secret emails (to assure they get hacked). Posture as “anti-colonial” by weakening U.S. military strength, gaining the trust of those to whom we promise more arms and money.
  • “Islam”: a (benevolent)religion of love, peace, charity, and joy.
  • “terrorist”: a (benevolent), though a bit extreme, member of the religion of Islam.
  • “border control reform”: build some walls to suggest that illegally crossing the border will assure the 11,000,000 that amnesty is just a vote away.
  • “hemispheric common-trade”: to assure that border crossings guarantee that most U.S. industry-labor goes abroad, while at the same brilliant stroke provide free health-care and education for all those 11,000,000 “undocumented” (nice) people who are happy to be on this side of Border-Control.
  • “pro America”: assure that America is as weak as possible in the eyes of the world-governments to pre-empt their feeling that they are on the defensive or threatened by our (benevolent)Empire.
  • “national security”: weaken the US military enough to lesson Islamic, and others’, fears of American hegemony, while also appeasing the anarchists who hate those (evil)Wall Street supporters we depend upon to fund our benevolent foundations that keep us in power.
  • “political reform”: appoint as many friends as possible to government offices, so long as they help us raise taxes, lower the GDP, and frighten Christian school boys with penalties who refuse to use the ladies’ room.
  • “total transparency”: lie, lie again, and then lie again, in the hope that everyone(important) might believe it for their own benefit. This is otherwise known as “stretching the truth,” but most (moronic)Americans will miss the irony of that (malevolent)oxymoron.

Allah, Yahweh, sexism, and racism at Wheaton?

YHWHThe inanity of professing Christians is oftentimes baffling. For example, Wheaton College recently dismissed (whether she chose to  resign is not clear) a professor for her interfaith displays of “solidarity” with Muslims, an act apparently in defiance of the code of doctrine and faith at Wheaton. Now, ethically speaking, it seems in the least surprising that a teacher would so blithely (perhaps ignorantly?) assume that her actions would not arouse trouble on campus, and that Muslims and Christians alike would not be offended that she seems to associate YHWH with Allah. Even more peculiar is the group of protestors who seem to object to a school being consistent with its faith-convictions (while its administrators were seen tripping over themselves to be gracious and kind, and even apologetic). These protestors have had an “unsanctioned rally” in front of the Wheaton chapel “to launch a 40-day fast encouraging evangelicals to ‘confess and repent of the sins of racism, sexism and Islamophobia, and recognize that all humans have dignity and are created equal in the eyes of God'” (as reported in Christianity Today  by Morgan Lee and Jeremy Weber/ February 10, 2016). Now, the question is, are they repenting of their own sins of “racism, sexism, and Islamophobia,” or everyone else’s (presumably at Wheaton)? I am curious also to know what they might say to Jesus’ words that we should take our prayers and repentance into our closet, and not make a pompous show (with trumpets, fanfare, and sackcloth)? I am doubtful of getting answers to my questions, but I would also like to know why these repenting  people are so racist, and sexist, and fearful of Islam?

But perhaps I misunderstand altogether, and that they actually are rather pointing the guilty finger at others’ guilt. If that be the sad case, then I would recommend they go back to class (and not starve themselves to death), where we would hope that they would learn that racism is an unbiblical attempt to find one’s true identity in one’s ethnicity (a.k.a. “skin color”) while denigrating others’ efforts to find their identity in their own ethnicity (a.k.a. “skin color”). And, also let us hope that they would learn that believing the Bible’s teaching on homosexuality, and sexuality in all its forms, is not sexism (I am not sure what sex is as an “ism” anyway). And, that it certainly is not fear, nor hatred, of Muslims that leads Christians (who read and believe the Bible) to conclude that Islam and its god Allah are not in any clear way synonymous with YHWH or biblical faith. And lastly, above all, they should learn in a Christian college that it is precisely why Christians believe that all people are made in the image of a holy God, and have intrinsic dignity, that they invite them to believe in the true and living God and to trust in Christ his Son for their salvation. This invitation includes the message that one can truly find one’s identity only in Christ (and in nothing finite, such as ethnicity or skin color). And, that immoral sexual behavior is only symptomatic of the deeper problem of this so-called sexism, that of the futile foolishness of seeking one’s identity in one’s sexuality. And also, we would hope they might learn that fear of Islam is a silly characterization of those many Christians, who do not believe that Allah and YHWH are synonymous, but who would willingly lay down their lives for the followers of Allah and his prophet Mohamed, in the hopes that they would come to faith in Jesus and receive his gift of loving and eternal grace.

Though befuddled by these questions, still praying that the light of reason prevails at this beautiful campus and college “For Christ and His Kingdom.”

There are only two “races” of the human-race: those in Adam and those in Christ

The only truly good news available to resolve the confusion created by the racist delusions of the Darwinists and Marxists and Caucasoid-white-Arian-Negroid-black-African-Mongoloid-Asian-Hispanic-Semitic racists and “supremacists” found in every generation is that in Adam all are one human race by descent and are all equal under God’s law, but that all who are in Christ by faith have been made alive into one people of God by grace.

As Paul stated it: 10 and have put on the new self who is being renewed to a true knowledge according to the image of the One who created him— 11 a renewal in which there is no distinction between Greek and Jew, circumcised and uncircumcised, barbarian, Scythian, slave and freeman, but Christ is all, and in all. Colossians 3:10–11 (NASB95)

  • For an essay on the relation between Darwinism and Nazism, see Nazism.
  • For an essay on the relation between Darwinism and Communism, see Communism.

Picture credit: “Leaving Race Behind: Our growing Hispanic population creates a golden opportunity,” by Amitai Etzioni from The American Scholar, Spring, 2016 at this site.